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Sometimes, we hear from workers that their employer has a “policy” of not paying overtime, or that their employer will only pay them for an eight hour day even if the worker is at work for longer than that.  If you are a qualified worker under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you can use federal law to recover unpaid wages and overtime.  If you qualify, your employer must also pay for your lawyer and you could also be eligible for a penalty that could double your recovery.  Our Firm uses the FLSA to help workers recover unpaid compensation.

Generally, you are likely a qualified worker if you are not a managerial-level employee.  The case law on who qualifies (and who does not) is complex, and it is best to get a legal opinion on whether your situation is covered by FLSA before you attempt to recover wages.  Our Firm provides no-cost consultations to consumers who are interested in pursuing a wage claim.

Under the FLSA, you can generally recover wages that were due to you over the past two years.  In special cases where the employer has acted in willful disregard of your rights, it is possible to recover wages over a period of three years.  Again, the case law on this issue is complex and we encourage you to get a legal opinion on how far back you will likely be able to recover wages.

In addition to the FLSA, our Firm looks at possible state law claims to help you recover lost wages.  We can use contract law, for example, to file a claim that your employer broke a “handshake” deal with you if you are not paid as promised.

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