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Your case deserves attorneys with the best academic credentials, more than thirty years of courtroom experience, and a track record of success in trial. Let us guide you. Your case is important to us.

Our Commitment

Ross & Voytas, LLC are trial lawyers with big firm experience and small firm values. We combine objective, expert advice with the tactical know-how to keep you a step ahead. We will offer you straight talk and a sensible, cost-effective strategy

Legal Practice Areas

  • Business Law & Litigation
    Ross & Voytas has more than 30 years of combined experience guiding businesses from Fortune 100 companies to local entrepreneurs. You can count on reasonable rates and unparalleled personal attention.
  • Wrongful Death
    The lawyers at Ross & Voytas have tried wrongful death cases with success. We find answers for families who have lost loved ones.
  • Serious Injury
    Ross & Voytas takes an aggressive approach to serious injury cases. We get our cases into court as soon as possible, and fight hard to get you the maximum recovery.
  • Consumer Rights / Unpaid Wages
    Ross & Voytas represents consumers who are victims of unfair business practices. We give a voice to people pursued by debt collectors. We work for workers with unpaid wages.
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright Litigation
    Ross & Voytas represents artists whose work is used without their consent. We track down and prosecute copyright infringers.
  • Estate Litigation
    Ross & Voytas works for families dealing with difficult will, trust, and estate disputes. We work hard to put a stop to those who are not abiding by the wishes of your loved ones.

Agility and Responsiveness That Only A Small Firm Can Provide

At Ross & Voytas, LLC, you are more than just a case number.

When you hire an attorney, you want someone who listens and understands your situation and who will work hard to get your desired result. At Ross & Voytas, LLC, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to you with the bottom line in mind.

We strive to be an advocate in the true sense of the word, standing beside you throughout the process.

We start by providing you with an understandable explanation of your legal rights and options. An objective assessment of your legal matters allows you to make an informed decision, which may not mean filing a lawsuit.

As a small firm attorney, we’re able to provide competitive pricing designed to maximize your recovery while minimizing your costs. With reasonable prices and a service-driven philosophy, we hope to be the go-to choice for anyone seeking legal representation in St. Louis County and the surrounding areas.


“It was a two-day trial. Rick Voytas, Jr. was the lead attorney for Pace… In his closing argument, Voytas appealed to any of the jurors who had ever worked for tips. Did their bosses take the tip jar into the office and count it alone? Why would anybody do that? The jury was out for about three hours. They returned a verdict in favor of Pace. Pace was awarded $18,522.”

“I highly recommend Ross and Voytas to help solve your legal problems regarding check garnishments. They were quick about handling my case and solving my legal issue. This law firm goes above and beyond what other lawyers could not do for me.”

“I received several letters and constant phone calls day and night. I did not know anything about the legalities and proper process concerning how creditors can collect debt. Richard won three cases for me concerning creditor harassment, if not for him I would have not known that what these collectors were doing was wrong.”

“Mr. Voytas represented me in matters regarding collection agencies. Throughout his dealings with these agencies, I was kept well informed and he was very thorough in explaining my rights and the law in regards to these matters. The facts are that Mr. Voytas helped me achieve my credit repair goals in a relatively short amount of time and I am greatly appreciative of his services.”

“If anyone is ever in search of a lawyer who is kind-hearted, reliable, relatable, prompt, dependable and just leave you with a feeling that someone cares about your personal situation, Mr. Voytas is it! Once we met face-to-face, his presentation and knowledge not only as a very profound and savvy passionate lawyer, but it was also like having a personal conversation with a caring friend.”

“Richard Voytas and his office personnel did a fantastic job on my case. They are very professional and everyone involved in my case did their jobs like experts in their field. Excellence is what I expected and Richard Voytas and his office delivered just that.”

“When I meet with Ross & Voytas, my first encounter was reassuring that I had chosen the right counsel. They listened to my issue, acknowledged my concern, and assured me that they understood the gravity of the issue. Within a week I was contacted by Ross & Voytas with the filing of my case and the notification to the defendants of their responsibility and negligence.”

“Rick is not only a great lawyer he is a good communicator and friendly. One of the big St. Louis hospitals was being a bully and sent a bill to collections. He drafted a letter on the spot, and we did a conference call in his office. Rick is well versed in consumer law and small claims.”

“Rick is a fantastic lawyer – very competent and very hard working.”

“I would trust Rick Voytas to handle a case for myself or anyone in my family – he is an intelligent, aggressive, yet professional advocate.”